July 22, 2011


When we first conceived the idea of “FOOTPRINTS ACCOMMODATION”, we endeavoured to capture the pure essence of FEEL AT HOME, the spirit , the feel and the soul that go into making your own abode… such a restful place, with the smell of sea-breeze, and the sound of the waves.

That’s why we not only wanted a clean and modern home for weary travellers to rest…, but something special.

Judging by our guests, we succeeded in creating A HAVEN for travellers from all corners of the world. We recognise that you like your own individual space and area, we also realise that there are times when you want to share your journey experiences and travel tales, that’s why we designed Footpints to be A HOME AWAY FROM HOME, and to be as private or as social as you want.

Footprints Accommodation were named after the well-known “Footprints-poem” which symbolises the support of our Heavenly Father.