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***Please note that information below is merely for guidance purposes. Please consult the Namibia Consulate or Embassy in your country of origin before making any final travel arrangements.***

 Tourist Visa

Tourist visas are valid for three months and generally take three days to process at the Namibian Consulate or Embassy in your country. Not all visitors to Namibia require a tourist visa – those nationalities which do NOT require a visa (for visits of less than 90 days) include:

  • South African
  • Australian
  • British
  • Germans
  • American,
  • Canadian and
  • Japan

The countries which require a tourist visa are:

  • Greece
  • China,
  • South Korea
  • most of the Eastern European countries

For those travellers who will need to apply for a tourist visa please note you will need to submit the following paperwork in order to process the visa:

  • Your itinerary,
  • Bank statement,
  • Letter of employment,
  • Letter of invitation
  • Copy of a yellow fever vaccination certificate.

Remember that you may not work if you are in Namibia with a tourist visa – this includes volunteer work which you need a different visa for.

Work and business Visa

These are applicable whether you will be working for a Namibian company or even if you are participating in unpaid volunteer work.  A work visa will take about 5 weeks to process and will cost the applicant about USD 130.00  excluding the cost of the initial deposit.

The company you will be working or volunteering for should assist you in the visa application process.  Along with the temporary work permit the applicant will also need a temporary residence permit for work purposes.

Those applying to work or volunteer in Namibia for 1 to 3 months will require the following:

  • visa application form,
  • passport,
  • motivation letter as to what their function will be and
  • proof of educational qualifications

For those who will be working in Namibia for 4 to 12 months, you need all of the above as well as:

  • a medical certificate,
  • police clearance certificate and
  • proof of their contract or tender

A business visa is required if you are visiting Namibia for work purposes, even if it is to attend a conference for just a few days.  To apply for a business visa you must provide:

  • passport,
  • itinerary,
  • yellow fever vaccination
  • a business letter from your company outlining the purpose and duration of the visit
  • a business letter from the host company giving dates of travel, purpose of the trip and guarantee of sufficient funds.

Other relevant visas

Student Visa:  Anybody who wishes to study in Namibia needs to apply for a study permit and visa; the necessary forms for this application process should be available at the various institutions of higher learning in Namibia, or the Namibian embassy in your country.

Transit Visa:  This visa is valid for three days or less and is needed if you are just passing through the country.

While Namibia is relatively tourist friendly as far as visas are concerned, there are a few important points to bear in mind:

  • It is wise to make sure you have enough open pages in your passport for the necessary stamps – access to the country can be denied if there is no space for further stamps.
  • Remember the 90 day limit on a tourist visa or tourist visit – while it is possible to apply for a visa extension in the country, the granting of those extensions are rare.


The currency in Namibia is the Namibian Dollar (N$), which is fixed to and therefore equivalent to the South African Rand (ZAR). Bank notes : N$ 200, N$ 100, N$ 50, N$ 20, N$ 10. Coins : N$ 10, N$ 5, N$ 1, 50 Cent, 10 Cent and 5 Cent. The Namibian Dollar and South African Rand are the only legal tender in Namibia and can be used freely to purchase goods and services. The Namibian Dollar, however, is not legal tender in South Africa or other countries.

Traveller’s cheques and foreign currency can be exchanged at any of the commercial banks, which are well represented throughout the country. 

Credit Cards

International Visa and MasterCard credit cards are generally accepted throughout Namibia. Holders of other cards are advised to clarify with a commercial bank whether their card is acceptable in Namibia.  Further information and assistance can be obtained from any commercial bank in Namibia.





Cancellation Policy

30- 16 days prior to arrival 25%
15 – 07 days prior to arrival 50%
06 – 0 days prior to arrival 100%

Children Policy:
Up under 2 years FOC
2 years till 10 years 50% of rack rate

Minimum Stay:
A minimum stay of 7(seven) nights applies for bookings with a check-in in the period between 01st December and 07th January & Full Long Weekend.